Built on the site of an original homestead orchard site, Big Canyon Acres was lovingly brought back to life in 2018. We are a family run operation. The farm itself dates back prior to the 1900’s and many trees in the orchard are original heritage stock dating back to that time. 

Ron, a retired teacher whose grandparents had once worked in the fruit and nut production lines in California, decided when his feet hit the Big Canyon dirt that farming was his second calling. Raised in a mountain town of less than 2000 people outside of Reno, NV, the Clearwater Canyon looked like home without all of the snow. A perfect place to start the second half of life. 

Susan, who has taught preschool and works in the nonprofit world, also had a background in running large events. When the former farm owners mentioned that local photographers like to use the place for pictures and other locals said there used to be fun events there, Susan and Ron realized they could open the place up for events. Having held their own wedding on a friends’ ranch, a day that is still special to the Jacobson’s and remembered for the great fun, they wanted to create a place that would bring that same joy to others. Additionally, Susan as a child used to attend events at a place called the Berry Patch. Memories of the way that place created great family moments, hosted dreamlike weddings, and was just a wonderful community gathering spot fueled the idea to do the same on site.

In 2018, the Jacobson’s bought the orchard and immediately went to work bringing the fruit bearing trees back into full production. Clean-up was started and the meadow and forest grounds slowly started to take shape into a park-like backdrop.

In 2019 they named the place Big Canyon Acres and began selling fruit at the local Orofino Farmers Market. That fall they delivered the first new harvest of apples to High Mark Distillery outside of Reno, NV. These apples became the base for High Mark’s spirit, Apple Jack.  

In 2020 prior to the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic they began the process to transform the 48 acres into an event venue. With the hard work of Ron and Susan and their adult sons, land was cleared, permits and approvals obtained, and a timber frame barn was raised. Having taught children of all ages gave Ron and Susan the opportunity to create an outdoor classroom and, in the fall, Big Canyon Acres welcomed its first few field trips. As fall changed into winter, photographers returned to use the scenic landscape to capture family memories.

In 2021 plans to begin hosting events, gatherings, and classes are underway. An on-site farm stand for fruit and nut sales along with handmade gifts will open in the spring. Expansion of the Outdoor Learning Center and new curriculum partners will happen. Seasonal festivals will see their debut. 

We are grateful and blessed to take all the good things we have experienced in life and put it all together in one magical site. We look forward to sharing Big Canyon Acres with you and your family and friends. Let our joy of the outdoors and rich cultural orchard history.  


Located on a historic orchard. We are proud pickers of apples, blackberries, pears, plums, cherries, grapes, raspberries, rose-hips, walnuts, hazelnuts & guitars

Some areas of the 10+ acres we have in fruit and nut trees were planted prior to 1900. With 12 varieties and counting of apples, we believe that the orchard was a cider orchard. We even got a visit from the famous Lost Apple crew and many of the apples went back for testing. 

In 2020 we resumed the cider heritage on site and pressed nearly 70 gallons of cider. The majority of that cider went to our friends at High Mark Distillery in Reno, NV for the base of their spirits Apple Jack and Apple Jane. (cherries, blackberries and other seasonal fruit are juiced and head to High Mark as base for their fruited moonshine)

We grow using all natural practices using no chemicals and following organic best practices, but we have not begun the process for organic certification. 

Looking for fruitwood for your BBQ smoking? We have apple and cherry shreds, chips, chunks and logs available year-round.


Apples: Wealthy, Winesap, Gravenstein, Loland, Rome, Newton Pippin, Williams Pride, Red Delicious, Granny Smith, Benoni, Lodi, Jonathan. 

Pears: Bartlett, Bosc, Comice.

Plums: European, Santa Rosa, Green Gage, Myrobalan (cherry plum), and Idaho Prune

Grapes: Concord

Cherries: Bing, Montmorency, Royal Ann.



Nuts: Hazelnut, English Walnut, Black Walnut.